*sees ur dick outline in ur jeans* free him 


If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.


when I was six I threw a tantrum because I wanted a slushie from 711 and I remember my dad said “I will never buy you a slushie” AND LITERALLY RIGHT NOW HE CAME IN THE CAR WITH A SLUSHIE AND I WAS LIKE WHY DIDNT YOU GET ME ONE AND HE LOOKED ME DEAD IN THE EYE AND SAID “REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE SIX”


i have the tendency to forget how to breathe when im close to beating my highscore


this is the police. open up. tell me something about yourself, don’t be afraid


this is why you’re not allowed in the car.


You know, if you watch the lion king closely, you can find a lot of simbalism.